Plastic Strapping

See also: Polypropylene, Polyester, Machine Strapping, Strapping Kit, Poly Cord, Poly Seals, Banding Tools

Polypropylene strapping: Easy to use, economical, strong and half the weight of steel strapping.

-polypropylene strapping features an embosed surface.

Polyester strapping: Strong enough to replace steel strapping, but much more economical.

-Polyester strapping retains tension longer than other types of strapping

Polypropylene (left)/Polyester (right)

Polypropylene Strapping

PS-1264 1/2" x 9000' Poly Strapping 16" x 6" core 400 lbs strength
PS-1265 1/2" x 7200' Poly Strapping 16" x 6" core 500 lbs strength
PS-1284 1/2" x 9000' Poly Strapping 8" x 8" core 400 lbs strength
PS-5865 5/8" x 7200' Poly Strapping 16" x 6" core 500 lbs strength


Machine Strapping

PS-M750 1/2" x 9900' Machine Strapping 8" x 8" core 330 lbs strength

Strapping Kit

Portable Strapping Kits are self contained and portable for use anywhere in the warehouse. Simply loop poly strapping through buckles, then tighten and cut with the tensioner/cutter.

Each kit includes a tensioner/cutter.

SPKT 1/2" x 3000' w/ 300 buckles (includes tensioner) 400 lbs strength


Polyester Strapping

PE-1268 1/2" x 6500' Polyester Strapping 16" x 6" core 800 lbs strength
PE-5868 5/8" x 4400' Polyester Strapping 16" x 6" core 900 lbs strength

Poly Cord Strapping

Woven polyester combines excellent strength and shock resistance. Hand tie for light duty applications or use metal buckles for heavier duty applications Contact us for sizes and availability

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